Mirta Tiseyra from Buenos Aires in Groningen

Three days of lessons and dance parties!

We are very pleased to host Mirta Tiseyra from Argentina as a visiting teacher. In March, we will have a whole weekend of workshops and milongas in Den Bosch, Groningen and Amsterdam.


About Mirta Tiseyra

Mirta belongs to the ‘younger’ generation of milongueras who learned to dance first hand -or should we say first arms- with the original, non-professionalized generation of dancers in the milongas of Buenos Aires. This extensive body-to-body experience with the ‘naturals’, both socially and in demonstrations, have given her a deep understanding of the energy and movement qualities that are very difficult to capture in a merely technical way, which are the soul of this dance, and the milonguero style in particular.


One of her strenghts is her command of the man's role in tango, which allows her to teach complex dynamics within the embrace with a very femenine sensitivity. It also makes her a highly regarded and sought after partner for collaborations and demonstrations by milonguero teachers ‘in the know’.


With an academic background in the humanities, Mirta is able to give a solid structure to her classes, with a wide range of subtle resources to share her knowledge.


Corine Groenewegen, Bettie Bolks and Willemijn Van de Boer are very happy to have her visit, because she shares our total passion for the art of social dance.


We are really looking forward to her contribution. We think it can have a direct impact on the personal experience of dancers, and hope it will add new perspectives into the many fascinating aspects of this dance tradition.


  • Friday, March 6 Den Bosch: workshops

  • Saturday, March 7 Groningen: 2 afternoon workshops, evening salon DJ Mirta Tiseyra

  • Sunday, March 8 Amsterdam: workshops, salon DJ Mirta tiseyra

We are working on the exact programm; we will inform you as soon as possible.